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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Child Involved In Martial Arts

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Child Involved In Martial Arts

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Child Involved In Martial Arts

It’s only natural for parents to consider signing their child up for baseball or soccer before Martial Arts. Traditional, recreational sports are everywhere and always of high-demand. Back in the 1980’s, or the ‘Gold-Rush’ era of Martial Arts, everyone wanted their child in Karate! Just like soccer or baseball, Karate was in extremely high-demand. Now, it’s gone back under-ground and no longer the first activity for parents to consider for their children. Here are 10 reasons why, as a parent, it’s important to consider Martial Arts over other sports, despite its fall in popularity…

  1. Character Development

There’s no doubt that Martial Arts helps to build character. From the first lesson, all kids are taught to respond with, “Yes Sir/Ma’am”. They are taught that having a good attitude is worth more than being a skilled fighter. Through positive reinforcement and a little ‘tough love’, all young Martial Artists leave the school with a better understanding of what is means to be a good person.

  1. Life Skills

It’s a fact that most modern schools fail to teach kids important life skills such as public speaking, self-awareness, and accountability. These things tend to be harsh life-lessons to us all later down the road. At our school, every student has the opportunity to help lead and instruct the class, teaching them to not be afraid of speaking in front of others. Through awareness drills, all students are shown how important it is to know where you are in relation to your surroundings. And every student is expected take responsibility for their actions, good or bad.

  1. Discipline

Being a parent means making sure that your child is raised to respect those around them. Sometimes, a little outside help is necessary. All instructors at our school are partners with the parents; keeping tabs on your child’s behavior at home and at school. We teach that being disciplined means demonstrating good behavior everywhere they go, not just when they are taking class.

  1. Confidence

Is your child shy? Do they tend to doubt themselves and their abilities? From the beginning our instructors make sure your child feels welcomed and encouraged each and every class. Through positive reinforcement Martial Arts instructors make sure kids see the connection between their effort and the inevitably good outcomes.

  1. Fun!

Because who doesn’t enjoy punching or kicking a bag and sparring? Every class our instructors teach with upbeat music, positive energy, and save time for fun, Martial Arts-inspired games. We never see a student leave in a bad mood!

  1. Perseverance

Giving up is easy, and we all regret not pursuing something that we should have. The goal of every parent should be to have their child earn a Black Belt. By pushing your child to earn something as prestigious as a Black Belt, you are teaching them that hard work pays off. Every kid will have a day where they “don’t want to go to Karate!” Same thing with school. Would you let your child drop out of school before earning their degree? Of course not! Because, as a parent, you understand the opportunities that will present themselves if your child works hard to achieve a degree.

  1. Anti-Bullying

It’s unfortunate, but bullying has gotten worse over the years, mostly thanks to easy access of social media. It’s easier to be a bully when you are just an anonymous voice online. Martial Arts teaches kids how to handle potentially hostile situations, not with violence, but by taking the higher road. Martial Arts instructors show their students how to asses dangerous situations, distance themselves from them, and (if needed) how to physically protect themselves.

  1. Energy Control

Kids have endless energy (if only we could bottle it up and use it ourselves!). Every class at our school begins with fast-paced warm-ups. Exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, even jogging are typical in the studio. We make sure that your child is getting the exercise they need to stay fit and give you a much needed night of solid sleep.

  1. Self-Defense

Every day we hear of a new tragedy on the news, but we never stop to think, “If that happened to me, could I protect myself and those around me?” Instructors at our school teach the kids to identify threat ques, distance themselves from potentially dangerous situations, diffuse intense situations, and (if necessary) be able to physically defend themselves.

  1. Physical Fitness

Eating healthy and exercising regularly can be a challenge. As of 2016, nearly 19% of all children in the USA are obese, and these numbers have been steadily rising through the years. When we are kids, our metabolisms are working at their peak performance, so it’s imperative to instill healthy habits early on. We do this by having our students complete ‘Self-Discipline Sheets’ wherein their parents help them monitor what they eat on a daily basis.