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Are Private Lessons Worth The Expense?

To answer this question, we first have to ask, “what are private lessons and how are they different from regular classes”? In regular class instruction, you (the student) are training with other students of varying experience levels, ages, size, and attitude. Because of this, the teachers conduct classes in a way that is best for the majority (just like regular schooling). They have a class agenda and time restraints for all drills they plan to cover on that day.

And just like in regular school, there are subjects that certain students will inevitably struggle with, therefore that student requires 1-on-1 tutoring/training. This is no fault of the teacher or student, as everyone has their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

During a private lesson, you have your teacher and another student who would make a good partner for you (‘good’ refers to what you are looking to achieve during the lesson). This allows the teacher to look at everything you’re doing and examine each piece of your movements. It’s also way easier to practice techniques with/on someone your own size and age.

With all of the time and attention on you, you’re bound to overcome the struggles you’re facing. Private lessons, although an added expense, are worth their weight in gold. They help those who feel behind in class, those who just want some polishing up, and even those who are looking to learn something that is not taught in a normal class (e.g. weapons, advanced techniques/concepts, etc.)

Think of it like this; the average value of a single group class is ~$30. In group classes, you’re sharing the instructor’s skills/knowledge/wisdom with a bunch of other people in a limited amount of time.The average value of a 1-hour private lesson is around $90 (this can be slightly lower or higher depending on the instructor chosen and their qualifications). 

$90 is the equivalent of 17 Starbucks Coffees, 16 McDonald’s Meals, 11 Packs of Cigarettes, or 9 Drinks at a Bar. When put into perspective, it’s quality over quantity. Sure, $90 can be spread out by purchasing a myriad of items (most of which tend to be from poor habits/poor health choices), however a private lesson is an investment into yourself; to build skills that the average person does not possess, and to look at yourself in the mirror the next day and be able to talk to yourself kinder and with more confidence.