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Embracing Challenges

Embracing Challenges

“A challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination.”

We are faced with many challenges throughout our life. How we embrace them is key. 

If you are a parent you might find yourself shielding your child or even yourself, from difficult challenges to avoid failure. You may think this is a good way to handle things. It actually causes more harm than good, in the long run.

If we don’t allow our children to succeed and fail, we are keeping them from developing a proper (positive) attitude in regard to handling life’s challenges. 

In sports there’s something called active readiness. When you open yourself up to take on challenges you open up more of your mind which enables you to stay ready for anything.

Active readiness allows your brain to stay open to creatively solve problems and helps you develop both mental and physical agility. This is a highly sought-after trait in the real world; both in a professional and personal sense.

This can also help when dealing with bullies. You make it harder for them to bully you when you’re able to stand there and say “Hey, I’m ready for whatever you got!” 

Putting in the time and effort to work through a challenge will also cultivate resilience. The more obstacles you clear, the more confident you will feel that you can handle something even tougher in the future. 

Every time you push through a challenging situation you will experience a wide array of emotions. By feeling, learning, and recognizing these emotions you will be able to deal with them without being ruled by them. Ultimately you master your emotions.

The obstacles we overcome in life and the decisions we make shape who we are. The results of these shows us the person we will become. Taking on challenges strengthens our character much like going to the gym exercises our body and builds muscle. Prevailing over challenges and adversities helps build a strong character. 

Mindset is everything, so take the steps needed to embrace your challenges and enjoy it!