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Emerging From Pandemic Life

Emerging From Pandemic Life

The last two years were nothing short of challenging for all of us. As we start to emerge from pandemic life we’re faced with the challenge of getting back to normal. Or rather a new normal. 

So much has changed around us. So much has changed within us. What hasn’t changed is our ability to push through the tough times and embrace the normal that awaits. 

As restrictions are lifted people are seeking to live life fully again. It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with getting back “out there”. It might feel weird at first, or maybe you’re a little scared still to be around people. That’s ok! Just wanting to get back to normal is the first step in being able to do so. 

What about your kids? How have they navigated through the pandemic? Are they adapting to the new normal easily? Are they happy to see their friends’ faces again? Are they interested in playing sports or doing some other type of physical activity like martial arts?

If they have been stuck inside for a while because of the pandemic they might be a little “rusty”. Their body won’t be used to physical activity like it was previously. It’s important that they continue to push themselves and not give up out of frustration. If they continue to come to class and give it their all, their body will respond, and they’ll get their stamina and strength back. As parents it’s important to lead by example while also reminding them and encouraging them, that this is exactly what’s expected and it takes time to get back to “normal”. 

After so much fear, loss, and uncertainty, I am embracing the new normal and happy to see so many of you doing so as well. 


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