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Empire Dojo to Offer Free Week of Self-Defense Classes to All Employees of Harford County

Empire Dojo to Offer Free Week of Self-Defense Classes to All Employees of Harford County


HARFORD COUNTY – Empire Dojo, a martial arts academy with locations in Abingdon and Forest Hill, is partnering with local businesses to provide a free week of self-defense classes to their employees.

In response to the rise in violent theft and smash-and-grab robberies occurring in areas across Maryland, the free self-defense classes will be geared towards empowering workers with the skills needed to protect themselves in the event their place of work is targeted.

“I want to do this for our community,” said Luis Martinez, the owner of Empire Dojo. “As you are probably aware, a Walgreens close to our studio was recently hit for their ATM. This has been happening in Baltimore County, and now we’re starting to see it in Harford County. Are you going to wait to learn self-defense after something bad happens in your home or neighborhood? Being pro-active is the only way to avoid situations like this.”

The master instructor at Empire Dojo, Martinez oversees all operations at the school which provides training in traditional and modern martial arts including Krav Maga, a self-defense system known for its efficiency and application in real-world situations. “This is why I do martial arts,” he said. “To be ready when the unexpected happens.”

In addition to general self-defense techniques, the free classes offered to employees will focus on risk prevention, improving awareness, and teaching strategies to manage hostile situations and avoid becoming a victim. Businesses will also have an opportunity to explore the school’s corporate self-defense training seminars which can be custom-tailored to their employees’ needs.

Empire Dojo will be holding their classes at both their locations in Abingdon and Forest Hill. Enrollment for a free week is available to any employee in the community. For more information or to register, contact 410-670-7666.