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New Year, New Goals and How Martial Arts can Set You up for Success in the New Year.

New Year - 2023

Ahh yes, 2023 is now upon us! As the ritual goes, the new year is the time to set personal goals; the ultimate reset.  For many, these goals include physical fitness and better overall health.

The gyms will be packed with new members excited to get into shape and be healthier than they were the previous year. By the end of February, at least half of these members will have stopped going. By the end of March, almost all of those new members will be gone. 

Let’s face it, the gym is tough to keep coming back to. Everyone has headphones on, no one makes eye contact (and when they do it feels incredibly awkward), and no one speaks to each other.  The gym is an uncomfortable atmosphere where the fear of judgment is prevalent (sorry, Planet Fitness, your efforts at being a judgment-free zone have fallen short). 

If you’ve never tried martial arts, it might be time to step outside of your comfort zone in a new, exciting way. It’s probably nothing like you’d expect it to be. It’s engaging, physical, mentally challenging, and it’s FUN! 

Training in martial arts is rewarding beyond measure. Not only do you learn about that specific art but, you also have the opportunity to be a part of a larger group. Your journey is an individual one however, you aren’t alone. Your fellow students are right there with you along the way encouraging you and helping you along your journey. 

In martial arts, you will learn how to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings, control your emotions, overcome stressors and anxieties, and how to be mentally and physically tough. Martial arts teaches its students not only how to set goals, but how to attain them. Because the teachers/instructors are your accountability coaches and your mentors; guiding you through the stages of growth.

If you want to feel welcomed and be part of a great community of people, find yourself a school that prides itself on supporting one another (like a family). The benefits of that are seen on and off the mat.


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