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Self-Defense Classes… Do They Work?

Self-Defense Classes… Do They Work?

Let’s first make sure we understand the reality of violence.

  1. It isn’t fair.
  2. It’s hardly ever expected.
  3. A majority of violence is between people who are already familiar with one another (i.e. not strangers)
  4. It’s statistically uncommon (and continues to decline), but can happen.
  5. Most violent encounters are not stopped with more violence, but with preventative measures.

How do our Krav Maga classes address these elements of violence?

  1. We teach out students how to identify and act on threat queues.
  2. In class, we work on methods of de-escalation.
  3. We spar and grapple on a consistent schedule.
  4. Stress Inoculation is a part of our curriculum. In other words, we put our students in stressful situations to see if their techniques hold true.
  5. We work on multiple attacker scenarios, and armed situations, too.
  6. Our smaller students, once they have a solid foundation, get paired with larger students to make sure their techniques still work in unfair situations.

I’m not saying we can teach you how to stop a gunman, but I am saying we can teach you how to increase your chances of de-escalating that situation and avoiding getting shot.

The true magic in taking reputable self-defense classes is what they do for you mentally, not physically. Criminals aren’t smart enough to not be criminals; however they are smart enough to spot the easiest targets, who are always going to be the ones that appear to lack a) confidence, b) awareness, c) and physical fitness. Our coaches teach you how to a) look and feel more confident, b) always keep your head on a swivel, and c) get and stay in shape.

In conclusion, yes, they are worth it, we have several students who have experienced violence (after enrolling) and all of them escaped those situations as best as they could. As long as you are training consistently (sorry, but taking 1 class a week won’t do it) and at a reputable school that addresses the above factors of violence. Self-Defense classes won’t turn you into a superhero, but they will greatly improve your chances of avoiding possibly violent encounters and lessening the damage incurred if one happens.