Empire Dojo

Self Defense is Pretty- NOT!

Self-defense is not glamorous like the movies because in real life, it is often brutal and ugly. Criminals, by nature, are not bound by rules and laws, and they will do whatever it takes to have the upper hand in a criminal assault situation. Here are five ways criminals ensure they have the advantage:

  1. Element of Surprise: Criminals often rely on the element of surprise. They may catch their victims off guard, attacking when they least expect it. This initial advantage can make it difficult for the victim to react or defend themselves effectively.
  2. Weaponry: Criminals may use weapons to intimidate or harm their victims. Weapons such as knives, guns, or even improvised objects can drastically shift the balance of power, making it much harder for the victim to defend themselves.
  3. Physical Superiority: Criminals may choose victims they perceive as physically weaker or vulnerable. This could include targeting individuals who are smaller in stature, older, or appear less physically fit. Criminals may also use their own physical strength or numbers to overwhelm their victims.
  4. Psychological Manipulation: Some criminals are skilled at psychological manipulation. They may use fear, threats, or verbal abuse to control their victims. This psychological warfare can leave victims feeling paralyzed and unable to fight back effectively.
  5. Ambush and Isolation: Criminals often plan their attacks to occur in isolated or poorly lit areas where there are fewer witnesses and less chance of intervention. They may also work in groups to outnumber and overpower their victims.

At Empire Dojo, we understand that In real-life self-defense situations, it is crucial to recognize that there are no guarantees and it is not about fancy martial arts moves or quick, cinematic victories. Instead, it’s about using practical self-defense techniques, situational awareness, and, when possible, avoiding dangerous situations altogether. Self-defense training should focus on preparing individuals to respond to the brutal and ugly reality of a criminal assault with practical, effective, and, above all, realistic strategies.