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“Stamina is endurance – the strength or energy to keep going, even when tired or facing other unfavorable conditions.”


The word stamina is most commonly used in conjunction with sports and refers to the ability to continue performing despite fatigue. 


Athletes dedicate a lot of time with their training to improve their stamina. An athlete can be really good at their sport but if they don’t build up their stamina they find themselves burning out before the end of their game and the players who have increased their stamina will prevail. 


The same is true for martial arts. You may have the technique down perfectly, but if you haven’t worked on your stamina you won’t perform at the same level from start to finish. 


A prime example of this would be a sparring match between two opponents. Two minutes may not seem like a long time but when you are in your sparring gear and actively sparring, those two minutes are the longest two minutes ever.


If you haven’t worked on building up your stamina you are going to be out of breath faster than your opponent. Your limbs are going to tire out faster and you’re going to burn through your energy storage faster. You will also require a longer time to recover between matches. 


If your opponent has worked on his/her stamina they are going to essentially last longer than you. They won’t tire out as quickly, and potentially will still have enough in their tank to keep going for another round or rounds before burning out. The person with the better stamina will also recover faster. 


Who do you think will most likely win the match? More times than not it’s the person with the better stamina because they can outlast their opponent. 


If you’ve ever watched a professional boxing match you have seen this in action. If the two fighters are equally matched in skill, the fight often lasts longer, essentially wearing each other out until the last one is standing. Sometimes, the winner is the one who can pace themselves or maintain their energy while the other one burns themself out. If one of them can just keep their stamina going, they can outlast their opponent and take the match. 


This is why it’s so important to work on your physical and mental stamina. Not only do you need to be physically able to outlast your opponent but also mentally prepared to do so. 


An easy way to build physical stamina is to just add a little more to your routine each workout session. If running, add a couple minutes to your time from the day before. If lifting weights, add a couple more reps or add a little more weight from the day before. 


If you continue to add to your previous workout you will increase your stamina and build strength while also getting a great workout.