The Philosophical Essence of Japanese Jujutsu

Greetings, fellow martial arts enthusiasts and aspiring practitioners! We at Empire Dojo are delighted to delve into the profound philosophy that underlies the art of Japanese Jujutsu. At the heart of our practice lies the inseparable concepts of “Harmony” and “Efficiency”, two pillars that elevate Japanese Jujutsu beyond a mere physical discipline into a holistic […]

Different Types of Martial Art Styles

There are a lot of different martial arts from all over the world.  Some are more common for competition, while others are weapons based and some are focused on self-defense, commonly called combat or war-time styles. Here is an outline of 10 different types of martial arts styles along with some brief differences between them. […]

10 Frequently Asked Questions about Japanese Jujutsu

Japanese Jujutsu is a martial art that originated in Japan during the feudal period (1185-1868). Jujutsu is a self-defense system that utilizes techniques such as throws, joint locks, and strikes to subdue an opponent. Jujutsu’s origins can be traced back to the battlefield, where warriors needed to be able to defend themselves in close combat […]