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The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

Last week I wrote about how our students had been focused on preparing and passing their pre-tests so they could move forward to testing on belt graduation day. 


I also wrote about how I was focused on the bigger picture. You may have read that as a play on words since a big part of my job here at the dojo is taking photos. While it was in fact a play on words, it’s not entirely just that. 


So what is the bigger picture? 


One of my roles here at the dojo is to gather content (pictures and videos) of our students, our staff, and anything relating to our school that would be fun to share on our social media pages. 


Through doing so over the last few months I found myself being a cheerleader, a helper, a friend, and a protector of sorts. I went from being a mom of two, to a mom of many.


I found myself smiling behind my camera when I saw a student finally “get it” when learning new techniques. I would catch myself holding my breath when a student was about to try something they’ve never done before, like a dive roll (if you know, you know). I gave high fives and words of encouragement as much as I could. 


I wanted our students to have another person in their corner supporting them. How much nicer would the world be if we all had another person in our corner supporting us?


The bigger picture for me is knowing when I look back at my time spent at the dojo, I’ll know I did what I could to help as many children as I could, build self confidence and positive memories.