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What is the Momo Challenge?

YouTube has become the most well-known video application in the world. Anyone anywhere has the capability to post a video with whatever content they choose. YouTube does have strict user guidelines, but with millions upon millions of videos to sort through, not all inappropriate content is flagged right away.

As a parent in 2019, it is critical that we are aware of what our children are seeing online. Recently, something called “The Momo Challenge” has surfaced on YouTube. Random, popular kids’ videos on YouTube are being edited maliciously by unknown hackers. These hackers are showing an unnerving image of a creature and ‘challenging’ viewers to do various, harmful tasks. These tasks range anywhere from waking up at odd hours to even committing suicide…

Steps YOU can take to keep your child safe from this horrible trend:

1. Stay in-tune with what videos your child is watching on YouTube. Remember, the Momo Challenge appears in the middle of seemingly harmless kids’ videos. It would be wise to watch ahead of time the videos that you want your child to also watch.

2. Take the time to talk with your child about the internet and their activity on it. Be honest with them about what is out there and let them know the difference between what is good and bad. Kids need their parents to be their leaders in life.

3. If your child has seen the Momo Challenge, talk to them about it. Ask them what exactly they saw and let them know it’s not real, nor is it going to benefit them in any way.

4. Limit your child’s time on YouTube and the internet in general. Have them participate in activities that will both be educational and more beneficial than video games!

5. Martial Arts teaches kids valuable life skills such as awareness, leadership traits, and public speaking… things that make them mentally stronger and help them deal with situations such as the Momo Challenge. Introduce them to an environment they can flourish in!