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When Your Child Wants to Quit Martial Arts…

When your Child wants to Quit Martial Arts…

This is a common conversation we have with parents. We warn parents upon enrollment that their children will have their ups and downs. They are children, one day vanilla ice cream is their favorite flavor and another day they will like chocolate ice cream. We ask our parents do you enjoy going to work every day? Of course the answer is ‘no’, but going to work is necessary! But even though we know that this will eventually happen with almost every student, our team constantly strategizes on how to better improve our studio so this becomes less and less prevalent. However I remind myself that I was also a kid who wanted to quit things like martial arts or “take a break”, which also meant “I want to quit”. I was lucky to have great parents that taught me the value of hard work and finishing something you started. In today’s day and age, us parents far too often let our children make the decisions we should be making for them. Despite popular belief, there is NOTHING wrong with making children do something, especially when we know it is good for them. As a passionate martial arts instructor, I believe there is a lot we can do for our children that has many life time benefits such as having them involved in a good martial arts program that teaches real life skills and character development . With the way this scary world is becoming and technology running rapid, making life way too easy for our youth, we need to be leaders and parents for our youth and direct them. We can’t allow ourselves to be their friends. Because at the end of the day there is nothing easy about this thing we call “life” once we become an adult. Will your child be ready to tackle life’s obstacles without your help? I sure was.

Luis Martinez Sensei 
– 2 time state sparring champion 
– 1 time national forms champion
– Defender of multiple life threatening attacks 
– Sucessful multiple business owner
– 2 time auto racing team owner 
– black belt in 7 different martial arts
– often wanted to quit but was not allowed to