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Why isn’t Martial Arts $60/month?

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A question that every martial arts school gets asked (or at least the thought crosses students/parents minds) is why is it that martial arts is more expensive than your typical seasonal sports such as soccer or tennis?

Here is a small peek into some of the background operations in a martial arts studio that goes on to provide a safe, clean, and year round environment for your martial arts journey.

  • Qualified Instructors:
    • Hiring and retaining skilled martial arts instructors.
    • Ongoing training to keep instructors updated.
  • Facility Maintenance:
    • Rent, utilities, and maintenance for a safe and clean training space.
    • Equipment purchase and upkeep (mats, punching bags, training weapons, etc.).
  • Curriculum Development:
    • Creating a structured martial arts curriculum that aligns with students’ progress.
    • Customizing lesson plans to cater to various age groups and skill levels.
  • Safety and Insurance:
    • Providing safety equipment and first aid supplies.
    • Liability insurance coverage for students’ safety.
  • Student Progress Tracking:
    • Keeping records of students’ progress, belts, and achievements.
    • Regular assessments and feedback to ensure individual growth.
  • Martial Arts Associations:
    • Paying membership fees to affiliated martial arts organizations.
    • Access to resources, grading, and tournament opportunities.
  • Community Outreach and Events:
    • Hosting events for students that allow them to bring friends and family.
    • Organizing events, seminars, and demonstrations.
  • Administration and Staff:
    • Hiring administrative staff for scheduling, billing, and customer service.
    • Managing finances, bookkeeping, and payroll.
  • Continual Improvement:
    • Investing in new teaching methodologies and technologies.
    • Gathering feedback from students and parents for studio enhancement.

In summary, Empire Dojo invests heavily in quality instruction, safety, and character development, which justifies higher costs compared to traditional seasonal sports. The holistic approach of martial arts often provides students with lifelong skills and values, making it a valuable investment for personal growth and development.